Tyca's Talking Points

  • Tyca’s extraordinary embossing process is distinctive and an economical way to display a logo or message.
  • Tyca’s embossing process is permanent – machine wash or dry clean.
  • Tyca’s apparel and accessories are USA and Union made.
  • Tyca has low minimums.
  • Tyca has reasonable set-up charges ($150.00 A one time set-up charge). Set-up can be used over and over without a charge.
    Tyca waives set-up charges for company stores or programs.
  • Tyca’s apparel and accessories can be purchased blank.
  • SPLAT! – a proprietary process which combines embossing and color enhancing. You can supply the t’s or sweats on contract!
  • Introducing 2 new leather jacket styles (page 9) and Tyca Tech faux leather jackets (page 11)
  • Tyca has a liberal sampling policy and would be delighted to hear from you with questions or requirements.
  • Call 1-800-JACKETS or email tyca@tyca.com
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